A Critical Incident is any event that could have an impact on your team.

The consequences of trauma can be severe and it can lead to people taking time off work. An onsite intervention allows your staff to deal with the aftermath of an event and improve the speed of recovery.

Onsite Support can occur for multiple reasons which include

  • Incident at work
  • Death on Site
  • Death off site
  • Suicide of a colleague
  • Upsetting death of a collleague
  • Unexpected news such as redundancy

If you are wanting to arrange onsite support the chances are you are feeling the pressure. We aim to help you with this by guaranteeing an onsite presence within 24 hours.

From making contact with us we will be in touch within the hour. We will confirm all the details with you including the location and times you would like the intervention to take place.

When on site we will liaise with the management team and if required take a lead to ensure the onsite intervention is as productive as it can be.

Costs for one responder

£950 for a full day

£550 for half a day (3 hours or less)

All Interventions are delivered by a Trauma Consultant who has trained on an accredited course by the International Institute of Stress Management.

How the intervention will work

Interventions are either delivered in a group situation where possible or individually. We will understand what your business and operational needs are to ensure we work the intervention around the business.

What happens after?

Following the day you will receive a report which outlines what occurred and any recommendation that may support the team further.

Management Consultation

An important part of an onsite response is supporting the management team to support their staff. We will ensure this occurs from the start in the first contact through to completion of the intervention. We are here to look after you.

Arrange Now

For a guaranteed next day onsite response email Bod through the form below or call 07811843561. Your message will be picked up and acknowledged within an hour.