Mental Health and Well being dominates the corporate headlines on a regular basis now.

The changes in legislation, new case law and an increasing demand on employers to put their employee’s well being at the front can at best can be mind boggling.

What was once a conscious based decision is now proving to be far more commercial. Fascinating studies are showing by implementing wellbeing strategies you can increase productivity reduce presenteeism and have an overall impact on the organisation in a positive but sometimes paradoxical way.

I have worked in the corporate sector for over 20 years and within the time have implemented wellbeing strategies and training for employees and teaching managers and HR professional’s how to maximise a Welling Strategy in line with the employment law needs.

I can offer training for both employees and managers which can take the form of 1 day, ½ day training days or 1 hour workshops. I also can offer speaking at conferences on a variety of subjects.

Training offered

Stress and Resilience in the work place (Employees)

Mindfulness in the workplace (Employees)

Trauma in the workplace (Employees and Managers)

Managing Mental Health in the work place (for managers)

How to implement a wellbeing strategy for minimum time and cost (For Managers)

Managing Change in the workplace / Change Management (for employee and Managers)

Critical Incident in the workplace (Employees and Managers)

Health Campion Training

Challenging Conversations (Managers)

Reasonable Adjustments in the work place (Managers)

Outplacement for redundancy, CV writing, Interviewing, Job searching and confidence.

Training can also be bespoke if you would like to know more please get in touch.

Cost for training is

£550 half day

£950 full day

For a more consultative approach looking at strategy and policy please get in touch so we can discuss further.